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Cannot Access WD My Cloud Account In Windows

WD My Cloud is one of the finest cloud storage services. Since there are so many users, there have been countless complaints about not being able to access their WD My Cloud accounts. If you cannot access your WD My Cloud account on a Windows 10 computer, fear not, as this issue can indeed be fixed by following the simple steps provided on this page. Scroll down this page to solve the issue cannot access WD my cloud account on Windows 10.

Cannot Access WD My Cloud Account On Windows 10

Method 1: Add Windows Credential 

  • On your Windows computer, right-click on the Start menu to launch the WinX Menu.
  • Navigate to Control Panel and select the Credential Manager option.
  • Under the Manager Credential window, opt for the Windows Credentials section and select the Add a Windows credential link on the top right corner.
  • Enter the Username and Password on their respective fields and save the action.
  • Close all the windows on your computer and restart your system.
  • Check whether the issue is resolved.

Method 2: Registry Editor

  • On your Windows 10 computer, simultaneously press the Windows key and the R key.
  • The Run dialog box appears on your screen. Here, type Regedit and press Enter.
  • Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\LanmanWorkstation in the left pane and select LanmanWorkstation.
  • Right-click on the empty space, move your cursor to New, and select DWORD (32-bit) value.
  • Name the new DWORD value as AllowInsecureGuestAuth.
  • Double-click on AllowInsecureGuestAuth and change its value to 1.
  • Close the Registry Editor and restart your computer. After restarting the computer, you will be able to access your WD My Cloud account without any issues successfully. 

Method 3: Reset Network

  • On your Windows 10, hold the Windows Key and I key, then choose Network and Internet.
  • Select Status on the left pane and choose Network Reset.
  • Confirm your selection by clicking the Reset Now option.
  • Still now, if you cannot access WD my cloud account on Windows 10. For further assistance, contact our support team.